The complete guide to making events sustainable and greener

The complete guide to making events sustainable and greener

Sustainability has already reached the world of events. If you are not yet investing in sustainable actions, you better start thinking about ways to make your event sustainable and socially responsible today.

In this article, we will give you valuable tips to make your event sustainable by bringing cost reduction and adding value to your brand.

Sustainable event is much more than worrying about reducing water and light consumption (which is very important). A sustainable event should be thought of as a whole: from gasoline reduction to healthy eating. Let’s check the tips that we have prepared?

1. Waste

Have different bins for each type of waste helps improve proper disposal, bet in different colors and shapes, as well as facilitate the memorization can be part of the customization of the event. Remembering that the signs of the dumps should be easy to understand and identify. Spread dumps throughout place so that participants do not have to walk more than 30 steps to the trash in hand, this is the technique used in the Disney parks and work very well.

2. Transportation

Have you ever thought to facilitate the transportation of participants and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions? For this, look for places that are easily accessible to all, close to the big city centers and easy access to public transportation. Encourage rides among participants, use of clean transport (bicycles) and, if possible, facilitate transportation to the place by offering collective driving (micro buses and vans, for example).

3. Giveaways

Thinking about great outdoor events, which always generate a lot of garbage, offer giveaways to anyone who helps in recycling materials. To each specific number of items delivered in the appropriate place, exchange for some giveway (sponsors discount coupons, event t-shirts, mugs, squeezes, etc. Think of something unique and differentiated, to attract attention and encourage participation).

Still about giveaways, if it is really necessary, opt for giveaways made from recycled raw material (paper, plastics, fabrics, etc.).

4. Suppliers

Make sure that the chosen suppliers have awareness and actions for the environment. In the vendor selection require them to make use of recycled materials as well as proper waste disposal. Give preference to local suppliers near the event venue, so you help the local economy and add value to your brand in the region.

5. Venue

The choice of the venue shall be well planned as it shall suit all participants with comfort, but also be sustainable. Make sure the lighting is done using LED lamps and that natural light is used as much as possible, use rainwater in bathrooms and low-power air conditioning.

6. Food

For a sustainable event the food ingredients should be, preferably, organic. Conscientize about food without waste and excess; also direct suppliers so that any leftover food, if possible, is donated.

7. Energy

People need to be always connected. For this, they need to charge phones, tablets and notebooks. How about offering solar charging totems at your event? In addition to the reduction of electric power, they will give a modern and sophisticated touch to your event.

8. Water

In small events, prioritize the availability of water in jugs. This way there will be no waste of drinking water. Ask people to have their own bottle or, if you supply plastic cups or bottle, prioritize large ones.

9. Structures and furniture

In addition to the traditional structures or standard furniture purchased in stores, how about doing the event stands with modular structures? And sofas with pallets? The structures will make it easier to assemble differentiated designs, giving more layout options. And the palettes look modern and bold when renovated and used with sofa-shaped cushions.

10. Awareness campaigns

The best way to engage people on the importance of sustainability is through awareness-raising campaigns. Challenge participants and watch participation increase. Abuse of creative ideas: with each received feedback survey plant a tree; every old cell phone or batteries properly disposed of, give an exclusive giveaway; every 20 plastic cups correctly discarded donate one pound of animal ration for an NGO; every 10kg of donated clothing, donate food. People like to participate in challenges, especially if you do good to others.

11. No plastic

For full-day events, instead of offering plastic cups, offer a cup/mug as a giveaway. In this way, hundreds of plastic cups will be saved.

12. Paperless

To eliminate paper costs and save trees from being cut, bet on the technologies that Eventelis can offer you. Platform with an online subscription, mobile app for you to send notifications to the participants instead of creating folders, submission system for scientific papers or lectures, avoiding printing documents. Meet our platform and see how we can help you make your events more sustainable.


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