Websites, Microsites, Landing Pages, and Mobile Apps

Websites, Microsites, Landing Pages, and Mobile Apps

Today, the internet is the most used means of communication in the world. We use it to make calls, to send messages and emails and to interact with people from around the world — all from a handheld device that fits in your pocket. With all these resources, do you know how to use different kinds of sites and apps to establish a strong brand for your event?

Because the internet is so fast, people don’t like spending time searching across various websites to find what they’re looking for. Users want centralized and streamlined information that gives them answers and resolves problems in just a few clicks. With this in mind, Eventelis can provide solutions that add value to your event and your brand while providing practical information to all your attendees.

Here are some solutions to consider:


Websites are the internet’s best-known information aggregator. Through a website, companies, organizations, and people can publicly share more about themselves. Normally, sites communicate things like contact info, addresses, news, working hours, information about what an organization does, products for sale, and everything else related to a brand. Usually, the information on these pages are relatively permanent despite layout changes and occasional updates.

We recommend a website if your company sells products and has a specific team dedicated to updating the site frequently to include events. If the events are part of a series, or related in some other way, a website is a great solution. But if you plan on having a one-off events with a project specific team, a microsite might be a better idea.


Microsites are built with a single purpose in mind. Big brands use microsites to promote specific campaigns like giveaways, new products, or, in our case, events. Sites like these keep information concentrated on one page or a few pages that focus specifically on a particular iteration of an event so people can quickly learn more without having to browse various sites. Microsites are only live for a predetermined time-frame and are created to showcase up-to-date, clear, and objective information about your event.

At Eventelis, we build microsites that showcase the most relevant information for your audience. We develop projects based on our client specifications, including brand identities, leveraging sales numbers and attracting new customers to your event. One of the advantages to an Eventelis microsite is integration with a mobile app, so when you update information on either, it will show up on both.

Landing Page

Landing pages are focused on a particular call to action: buying a product or signing up for a newsletter, for example. Landing pages are designed to sell something so they are typically minimal in their design, especially considering that users who reach them are usually already interested in buying something. These sites are temporary, dynamic, and easy to update, and they’re built with customer conversion in mind.

At Eventelis we are constantly studying Landing Pages and Microsites to see how best to reach even higher conversion rates with consistent improvements to usability and accessibility.


Everyone uses applications, or apps, for all kinds of things: communication, weight-loss, photo editing, games — the possibilities are almost infinite. Apps help with daily life by giving you relevant information you can use every day.

The same is true for Event Apps. They collect all the information relevant to an event and present it to you in a personalized, practical way — all in the palm of your hand. In the app you can find speaker bios, session times, vendor deals quickly and easily. With all this information in flux, we make sure to consistently update all the information to make it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest schedules and content. Eventelis specializes in custom-built apps made specifically with your attendees in mind, adding value to their experience by ensuring they’re well-informed and enjoying themselves at your event.

Summing it up:

Overall, this is how it works. A potential customer accesses your company website where they’ll find information about an event you’re organizing. When they click on the link, they’ll be taken to your microsite where they can find out more about dates, times, prices, and more. Having learned all about the event and decided they want to go, they’ll use a landing page to sign up. Once they’re signed up and ready to go your event, they can use our app to make the most of everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Learn more about how Eventelis can add value to your event, bringing practical solutions to you and your attendees.


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