Streamlining Academic Submissions

Streamlining Academic Submissions

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Scientific events are essential for scientific progress. By bringing together the finest minds in various scientific fields, they inspire and encourage innovation in a range of topics.Typically held in collaboration with universities, scientific events can be congresses, academic weeks, symposiums, seminars, and a host of other formats — each dedicated to bringing out the best in their participants.

Many scientific events aim to publish papers or to review papers for publication. This process is usually long and complex, especially considering a single event could involve hundreds of projects. Each submitted paper needs to be evaluated by a review committee which analyzes each paper with specific, predetermined criteria established by the event organizers. Normally, those on the committee are well-known researches in the academic world.

One of the biggest blunders of the publication and review process for scientific papers is not using tools specifically designed for the task.

Many events still use spreadsheets to keep track of articles that are sent and the status of each one. Spreadsheets complicate the process; they take time to be updated, and they  misplace or even completely lose information. Eventelis focuses on organizing and facilitating an organizer’s life by developing a specialized submission and publication tool for scientific papers.

With our system, users submit papers on a customized web-page that can be tailored to specific organizer, maintaining template information and facilitating reviewer’s jobs. Once the papers are uploaded, they are sent to the registered reviewers according to predetermined parameters (number of papers per reviewer, theme for each reviewer, etc.)

With the review process underway, participants can follow the status of their work online. If the paper is approved, the event organizer can schedule the project presentation through our same tool, booking the date, the time, and the location with instantaneous synchronization through the app.

After the event, the next stage is publishing submitted articles in post-event publications, proceedings and annals. Through Eventelis, this part is easy. Our automated process makes it much simpler to get a DOI or ISSN for your paper.

In order to maximize results at the event, Eventlis also optimizes articles for online indexing to facilitate online searches, making it easier for tools like Google to suggest an article published at a congress with a related search term.

We build innovative and intuitive tools to bring more control and intelligence to your event. We aim to add value and to facilitate event organizers’ routines — follow Eventelis on social media to stay in the loop on all that happens around here.


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